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Our Mission – “WHY”

The Liberty High School Choir singers and director choose to develop musical precision, share artistic passion, and inspire inclusive unity through singing.

Our Vision – “WHAT”

We welcome all students to sing in the Liberty Choir family. Our singers expect to create music at the highest level, and we empower each other to become dynamic musicians through energized rehearsals and exciting performances. Most of all, we care about the person behind the voice. Singing in a choir offers us an unparalleled opportunity to learn about yourself, the world around you, and how you can create positive change in your life and in the lives of others. Whether you seek to build upon your past choir experience or are ready to try singing for the first time, we have a home for ALL in Liberty Choir!

Our Goals – “HOW”


You chose to come here for many reasons; we hope a deep love of music is the most important one. You will experience many styles of music, in different languages, with a wide variety of meanings. Not every song will tell your story, but every song will teach you something important about someone else’s.


Liberty Choir is a family. We only succeed when each person contributes equally. We expect you to attend and participate in every rehearsal and every performance. You will show this best by giving up a bit of your own will to serve the best interests of the group.


We treat each other with respect, understanding, and compassion. Doing less is being less. DO MORE! BE MORE!! Never give up on your best effort. Praise and encourage your choir family members. Refuse satisfaction with less than your best efforts but use your caring attitude to create positive change.

Mr. Shafer's Role for You

My role is to love, serve, and care for YOU. I will do anything within my limits to help you reach academic and personal wellness. I am blessed to live in a musical world and to spend my time loving, serving, and caring for young people. I am proud of you for who you are – you are appreciated!

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